We are saddened to announce
the end of 
StarPlayers Musical The
atre Camp.

As of 2017, we are retiring from high school and summer camp directing.

StarPlayers has been a joyful
experience for us!
We've enjoyed directing over 2,000
Woodbury area children

in StarPlayers during the past 12 summers,
and are proud of paving the way for other
similar groups to follow.

We are grateful for the contributions of the many wonderful 
Counselors, Choreographers,
and Vocal Instructors we've had
over the years.

And a special thank you goes out to all
the kind and gracious parents and talented
and enthusiastic student Campers!

You've all been gems to work with!

---Jon and Karen Seashore---

Fly me to the moon, 
Let me play among the stars!